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Here is the marvellous Kant plan. Sorry I haven’t added anything to it, but that’s your job! I’m too busy packing my life into boxes.


Fisticuffs in Filosophy!

We examined the distinctions between logical and empirical truths and had a very stimulating debate! Joe and Jake were very reluctant to accept the idea that there was a clear distinction between the statements ‘All humans are mortal‘ & ‘Children are younger than their parents‘ or ‘Accepting the notion of linear time, children are younger than their biological parents.’ – as it ended up. Even if we accept strange experiments with genetic material no-one can ever be older than the genetic material from which they come. 

The point is that it would be possible to adjust the concept of ‘human’ to include the notion of immortality if we ever have empirical knowledge of such a thing, (and I accept the whole notion of infinity raises all sorts of problems), but it’s logically possible, whereas it is logically impossible to adjust the meaning of the word ‘child’ so that it doesn’t mean ‘of a parent’. 

In the opinion of the referee (me) Scott, Sam & Will (Georgina was lucky enough to miss the atmosphere of violence and intimidation) won at least 2 -1. 🙂